Our cocktail menu is different, tasty and with a little twist. We all want to try something different when visiting a new place. So with our cocktail menu we are giving you the opportunity not just to visit a different place, but to try different cocktails too.

See our Cocktail Menu

Cocktail Menu-1Our menu is just a brief introduction to what cocktails we can make. Of course you are more than welcome to order a cocktail that is not in the menu and if we have the ingredients we will make it to the best of our knowledge. We are not too proud to take advice, so if you want your drink in a particular way just talk to us and we can do it together.

We believe that cocktails are very personalised drinks and we try to personalise it to your taste. We are doing them the best way that we have tried, but if you like it sweeter or more sour, less bitter or whatever you prefer just tell us. Even after receiving your cocktail it is not too late to adjust the taste, or get a new one if it is completely wrong by you.