Cocktail Masterclass

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Cocktail Masterclass


90 minute Cocktail Masterclass or Cocktail Making class. For the price you get:

  • a welcome drink – fizzy cocktail like Peach Bellini, but we will try to keep that seasonal and change it regularly);
  • two cocktails from the menu that you will learn how to make;
  • nibbles;

You need to book a date for your Cocktail Masterclass, but if you wish just to buy it as a present and don’t know when it will be used write us an email to:

No events available.


Making cocktails is a wide topic and it take a lot of knowledge and practice. But with our Cocktail Masterclass we will show you the basics of cocktail making and after this 90 minutes course you will master at least 2 cocktails. We will teach you some techniques, some ways of serving and some little tricks. After few minutes of theory you will step behind the bar and with our help and guidance will make two cocktails that you choose from our menu. You will not just make them, but will learn something more about the cocktails that you like – some secrets, other ways to do it and more.

Stirred or shaken, built, layered or blended cocktail – shaking is the most popular and associated way of making cocktails, so choose one that is shaken and we will teach you how to shake as a pro.

What makes us different:

  • bigger choice of cocktails to make – you can choose from our menu and any classic that comes to your mind, if we have the ingredients (we usually do)
  • premium ingredients and really good cocktails
  • knowledgeable staff
  • flexibility it times – if you want to come in earlier than the times slots we can usually accommodate that
  • more personal experience – groups are maximum of 10, but often just 2 or 4 people so you get a lot more time dedicated to you. If you want to have a Cocktail Masterclass for a bigger group please contact us, we can accommodate you, but it has to be booked separately like a private party and not to disturb other participants.

You need to book your class as you buy it. Look at the calendar, there you can see available slots and places. Choose yours and buy your Cocktail Masterclass.

Additional information

Welcome drink

Cocktail similar to Peach Bellini. We will welcome you with a cocktail that is made with Prosecco and some seasonal flavour.

2 Cocktails

You can choose 2 cocktails from our menu and learn how to make them


Usually roasted salted peanuts, wasabi nuts or crisps

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