Speciality Coffee Shop and Bar

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Speciality Coffee Shop and Bar

We are a coffee shop during the day which turns into a cocktail bar/lounge in the evening. With a late licence till 1 am you can have a late night drink.

Except the classic coffees, lattes and cappuccinos made to the best of our knowledge, using the No. 1 Blend of Dorset Coffee Co. combined with the amazing NON-Homogenized milk from Meggy Moo’s we also serve a Secret Hot Chocolate, made from melting actual chocolate – thick and tasty. We are making our own fresh lemonade and juices as well as smoothies and shakes.
At evenings we turn the place into a relaxing cocktail lounge with classic cocktails on demand and a menu of house special cocktail. Don’t be shy and give it a try!

Hot chocolate is cheaper and better than therapy.

Instead of using some powder and to make a mediocre drink with a taste of chocolate, we have decided to put an effort and create a tasty, thick and real hot chocolate drink.

Have you watched “Chocolate”, the movie? Do you remember stirring that thick chocolate?  Hot Chocolate IngredientsFor sure you were drooling like us, while watching. Well, now you can have that drink in Meet & Sip.

Made with actual melted chocolate, milk, cream and some secret ingredients. Perfect for the cold winter days. Hide in Meet & Sip with a hot chocolate and just watch the passers by from the huge windows.

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